Thursday, March 29, 2007

persona> hamori, peter

A hungarian. Architecture student who is a really big fan of so-called "contemporary architecture", mainly the works of SANAA, a collaboration of Sejima, Kazuyo and Nishizawa, Ryue. Got lucky so often that I suspect he had some magic charm hidden somewhere, or maybe something he ate when he was a child, like Obelix with the super potion (Asterix). No, he's not fat. Here he is.

Three or four months ago during a one day trip to Tokyo. With his new (at that time) Canon S3IS, the same camera as mine.
A week ago, we went on another trip to Central Honshu, namely Kanazawa, Gifu using the 18kippu trains (means changing local train to local train every few hours, even minutes!), and here are his pictures, taken candidly.

Sleeping, sleeping, Peter..

Yes, Peter, I know the world of an architect is a wide one. But, hey, loosen up. Get drunk, and go to parties. People will know you better. As a star architect, I hope, not one badass drunker.Or, well, just sleep there like a baby and let me take your pictures for future reference. Hehe.

Or maybe for your next folk Hungarian music album cover. Peter Hamori presents..

frontal composition

I wish I will have my name written like that, in front of my architecture work. A star architect, yes, I dream of becoming one. Hahaha.

Or imagining the feeling of these people, living in one famous architecture. Maybe they're rich, maybe they are famous. But one thing for sure, they are lucky in the first place. Huhuhu.

Entrance to the 234 m tall Fukuoka Tower. Colorful with teenagers flocking the place.

A bike and stripes of shadows. Always interesting to capture this kind of scene.

The color version, with a cone under the same stripes.

Frontal composition, as the title mentioned. Now with the colors and one interesting object. Or so.

Ouch, bump on the frame. Careful there, mister.
And that is all, folks!

Miyajima, the infamous red gate

Claimed as one of the best three scenery spots of Japan, this place sure is awesome. And indeed I saw it awesome. Check on the pictures after the jump. Go on, jump!

Currently i like to play with over exposure settings, such as above pictures, and more. This one is a definite moment,but since I am a newbie photographer (haha!), I cannot get enough time and reasons to get the perfect capture. But anyhow, I got one. This.
And the almost perfect moment, which I regret on a lot. hiks..
And this is the first place where I actually understand the term of "chasing the sunset". Yes, my first serious sunset pictures at Miyajima. What a place to start a new adventure.

OK, this one quite a long post. So, enjoy. And keep on tuning. Yahaa!

Sadako and a thousand cranes

The story is about Sadako. Not that ghost Sadako from The Grudge. But a girl called Sadako who fell victim by the Hiroshima bombing on 6th August 1945. She survived the bombing, yet suffered from the terminal illness caused by the nuclear radiation. Spent few months in bed, she eventually died because of this illness.
But while she stayed in bed, she never lost hope. Inspired by the famous Japanese adage, that if one can create a thousand cranes out of paper (origami), one can get one's hope fulfilled. And that is what she did.. She did origami of a thousand cranes, until finally she passed away.
Now, the flying cranes become a symbol from Hiroshima of hope of a peaceful world without the presence of atom bomb. No more atom bomb!
And while we're still in this topic, I took some pictures of a crane in Hiroshima, that sort of remind me of this story.

architecture> ACROS Fukuoka

In the way i portray the architecture. Enjoy!

Toilet signs are usually intriguing. ACROS's is not exceptional.

From the outside. This is a kind of building that stated its purpose as an environment friendly, boasting to have enough planting that will help to reduce the air pollution in the city of Fukuoka, as well as presenting a public park in the form of an architecture. In short, it is an example of green architecture. Just how green is it?
Yes, it is this green.
And with a huge hall/lobby bathed with daylighting, equal less usage of electricity during the day, this building shows a really good example of how eco-friendly an architecture should be.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

persona>harry kurniawan

Harry Kurniawan, my fellow Indonesian, spending his one year here in Osaka to sharpen his ideas on architecture. He is a lecturer back at my university in Indonesia, teaching Environment Accessibility in the Department of Architecture. A guy with calm and collected personality, kinda uptight, with talents on writing and photography, or maybe more. He's got growing numbers of fans from his students because of his charming way of teaching (haha!) and his patience on guiding the students. These are how I picture him. In pictures, of course. Enjoy.

In action.

Well, most of his time he spent with taking pictures, reading books, .. But when you least expect it, he can..

Play the angklung instrument! Yes, he can!
And, he remind me a lot of that guy Jake Gyllenhaal from Brokeback Mountain, but maybe it is just me. Here's a close up of Jake (the fake).

Thursday, March 22, 2007

blogging life

welcome to blogging life, basuki.

b a s u k i s a i d

lifelong learning through a lifelong spiky sandals therapy is good, my friends.