Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Diversity> Rough Sketches

Flying Firefox (dedicated to my browser!)
This time around I'm gonna post something a bit different from those entries been coloring my blog pages. Yes, now is time to have sketches. I'll see if I have more to shown off, hopefully I do. Here are several ones, I thought they're representative.
A sketch of a biker

Two above are chocobo, a fictional bird character appeared on Final Fantasy VII, not exactly a fan art, never good at those. Just my imagination about those birds.

The doll girl. My lovely one. Have a storyline on this character, a really good one (I keep in the depth of my mind.).

Try adopting things that are Japanese into characters, firstly, the samurai.The heroic Yagyu, standing tall on top of piles of other samurai spirits.

After the Yagyu guy, is a representation of a strong warrior, which I think resembles Magneto from the X-Men comics. And the last one, is a caricature (or so I said) of my friend here in Japan, Giulio-san, a.k.a The Italian Stallion.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

White Chapel

The White Chapel designed by Jun Aoki showed another exceptional ideas owned by those so-called star architects. The form was so simple that it almost reveals nothing except the whiteness. But..
The roundish form act as the curtain on the windows, displayed next to the white wall.
The chapel from the inside.
Ouww, just when I thought my camera won't be able to do this kind of shot with clear DoF..There.
White not only about color. White can also be transparent. Or yet, reflective.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Kyoto Garden of Fine Art> Details (2)

The first two are taken under the same theme, perspectives.

Nothing special about the two, detail shots taken cause I think they are interesting.
One of my favorite section in architecture, the stairs. Enjoy this one? Send out comments, hihi!

Kyoto Garden of Fine Art> Interpretation (1)

"Three Tone"
"Against the Wall"
"Learning the Perspective"
Interpretations on Tadao Ando architecture. That is the theme for this one. So, go on, don't be afraid, have your own opinion.

Kyoto Concert Hall>Graphic

Kyoto Concert Hall, designed by Arata Isozaki. The cylindrical form at the corner and the wavy lines really caught the attention. So, here you go.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Kobe Theater> Lines

From the complex ones, to the simple ones, or maybe it is randomly uploaded. Anyway, enjoy today's post. See you soon.

Kobe Theater> Graphic

"On the left"
The picture above showing the interior of the theater. After twenty or so minutes, finally the guards let us take the picture inside the building. So, let's begin the adventure, shall we?
Preview to the next entry, the lines.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

NWIC> Into the Light

As the title suggests, no further explanation needed. (NWIC: Naka Waste Incineration Plant)

Naka Waste Incineration Center, Hiroshima

Who thought that a garbage recycling center can be this amazing? Well, Yoshio Taniguchi sure has another idea to share about his image on garbage and waste recycling. Designed in a very simple manner, monochromatic materials enveloping the whole facade, this building seems to be a futuristic representation of one garbage recycling center.The exterior seen from one point. It is a shame that I didn't have much to share on this one, since we were in such a hurry on catching up on the train going back to Osaka.
Ha, it is me. Speaking of one way to get your own picture on your own blog.
The light, the tree, the space. Do you even realize that garbage lying around this place?

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