Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Makes a Facade

lsl a

Welcome to La Salle College of Art!




Close-up on the fracture

lsl b

The "random" voids



This set of pictures is a serial of what elements make up the outer facade of La Salle College of Art, a work noted as one of the best in current contemporary scene in Singapore, further proved by its winning the best architecture work of 2008 given by SIA.

Well, anyway, it deserves to have it, for it is consistent on its initial concept of adopting fractal forms and creating a lively open space on its inner court. Argh, enough for the architecture explanations, just enjoy the pictures. :D

people, people! in an exhibition!





A series of photographes taken during my visit to neither east nor west photography exhibition at the Asian Civilization Museum. Quite satisfied on how the photos turn out.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

pictures, pictures!

a horse.

A series of sculpture set up in front of Asian Civilization Museum, one of them is created by Eko Prawoto, shame that I didn't quite get the best picture out of it. It was made out of bamboo. :)

I work here.

Turn left, not right.

Red dragon.


three trees and a pattern

one north park


semar, bagong, petruk, hidden gareng. :)


Pictures taken at the Asian Civilization Museum, except two which are from One North Park, next to Biopolis. :)


Sunday, January 25, 2009







Dynamic is the new language in town. From graphic, to architecture. To life.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Details of Architecture

For the fans of architecture details, I supply you all with these pictures. Remember Mies, he said, God is in the details. :)

Pictures taken at the Singapore Zoo. :)

Architecture at The Zoo

Set of pictures, showing the splendid (if I may say, "tropical contemporary architecture) piece of work by (supposedly) Kerry Hill Architects.

The Animal

this is how far a tiger can jump!

the white stripes!

Super-monkey, a different kind of pet of Superman

Me, without you.

The wise guy

The Animal. the animal. the animal instincts... :D



Sunday, January 4, 2009

Opening: Singapore Zoo

A brief entry, an opening to series of pictures taken at the Singapore Zoo. These ones were taken in its front ticketing gate. The gate itself was designed by Kerry Hill Architects. Well, supposed along with whatever architecture there is in the zoo. :)

So, enjoy the pictures for now.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Yellow-man, you showed up
At the right time
To save the composition.
O, yellow-man.
Don't like red, don't like blue.
Cause you're a yellow-man.

Before 2009

Laugh yourself out!

Looking round the place for the long awaited fireworks.

A smile, that is all daddy needs.

Thus, here comes 2009.

2009. Already the third day.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Marina Barrage, just around Marina Bay

Marina Barrage, the latest addition of architecture spectacles in Singapore. A water treatment reservoir, said to be the first reservoir to combine ecology, education, and entertainment into a typology of this sort. Of course there is the one built in Hiroshima, but that was for waste treatment, not water. So the claim may well be true. :)
Enjoy the pictures, especially for those of you enjoy black and white so much. This is a tribute for you all. :D

A display of how the pump house machine works, part of the show here.

Curving ramps to access the roof garden, beautiful curves they are.

There's a man here. Find him among the curving lines.

But after the hype of curving forms and beautiful architecture,
what makes this piece of architecture great is the presence of people.

Inside the sustainable gallery.

So there you have it, a place worth visiting when you're in the area. New, hip, educating, and promises many beautiful pictures. :)

b a s u k i s a i d

lifelong learning through a lifelong spiky sandals therapy is good, my friends.