Thursday, May 31, 2007

21st Century:Etc/Graphic

Yoshitomo Nara's dog. His artworks were shown here at that time, and one of them is this dog. The clothes on the right hand corner are meant to be wear by children and when they roam around the museum, they'll be called "dog patrol". (speaking of animated art).

"Three to One". I think this is the only wall in the museum where people can see colorful flowery images, included with set of chairs in front of the wall to enjoy the space in front of it.
This is what people see from that point. "Oh, I am measuring the sky-Man."
It's all up for today guys. Hope you enjoy the entries from yesterday 'til today. See you around next time, hopefully with some new images, and all.

More on 21st Century: Exterior/Graphic

Simple geometries can be extra terrestrially interesting (pardon me.).

A picture of what I thought was a family inside the pool where you can see the people staring at you from the surface of the water. What a beautiful idea the artist has. Fabulous.
My personal favorite from set of pictures I took that time. Contextless, yes. But the way he stares, just amazed me. Love this shot. White, pure, simple and yet so rich. Hai'!

21st Century: Interior/Graphic

Previously, SANAA. This is a set of pictures from the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa. A highly recommended piece of architecture to visit. What a mind blowing piece of art (and architecture).

Above are pictures themed under simplicity. And many spots here inside the museum to see those things. Oh, what a white.
The time when the museum closed on the next 30 minutes. Damn, how time ran so fast when we were having a good time.
The TV displaying different wave lengths of broad casted material. Well, art, it seems.
Enjoy the set? More to come. Be patient, and I'll deliver more, more, and more! Hihihi.

LV: Graphics

One of the big brands here in Japan. More interesting, because some of this brand's store buildings are designed by Jun Aoki, a worldly known Japanese contemporary architect. So here I took some pictures of these buildings, notably two of them, the one in Osaka, and the one at Omotesando, Tokyo.

Yup, the last one is not a Louis Vuitton store. It is an OPAQUE's, as the big banner shown to us. It was designed by SANAA. Revealing the next entry, SANAA's 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa. See you in a couple of minutes.

Water Temple: Graphic

"Into the Darkness."
"Turn Left, Quick!"
"Subtle Curve."

"An Unusual Corner in an Oval Architecture."
Just want to name titles this time around. Enjoy!

Water Temple: Interior

Exit is that way, for you people who don't want to experience this Ando architecture. Hihi. And speaking of looking from the tip to toe, or toe to tip, here are some pictures of one spot I found really strong inside the temple. So, toe to tip.

All red, concrete, and has spiritual qualities that cannot be seen by bare eyes. Really love the experience. Next, some "graphical" pictures of the interior of Water Temple.

natural romance

It began when you wander around nature, searching things you think valuable for your life.
Or when you startled looking at the light entering through your window on that summer days, wandering what good things out there God keep from you.
Then you see that nature offers those that let your mind at ease. Make your heavy burden go away in one simple greens in frame.
Then you start visiting the nature, the mountains, the rivers, the jungles, or maybe just simply the park next to your home. Or just stay here. Watch the nature sending their positivity. Firstly, alone.
Then eventually someone will say, "Hi!". And the story goes...
(Really nice if you also tune in to some romantic song, well, I don't know, you know better! :) )

Koto-in, learning in perspectives

As you can see from the picture above, or obviously from the title, it is about perspectives. Above is the corridor laid after entering the gate, directly facing the garden. A nice spot to hang around for a bit.

Transitional bright and darkness, and the space where it happened seemed to be set in motion when this phenomenon happens. Interesting one.
Small and tall space, leading to a tea room, basically the end of the course on traditional houses, the private space of the owner. And still, facing the garden, as it is the main view toward the nature and maintained that way in almost every traditional house.
Oops, I forgot the tokonoma. Aside from the garden, tokonoma is also one thing that the owner, and the guests should too, appreciate the beauty of this space. Usually it is "decorated" with paintings, some ikebana (flower arrangements), and some precious items according to the season or traditional days, such as Kodomo no Hi (Day of Children).
Well, still more to go on Koto-in. See you then.

entering Koto-in, the procession

As usual, a torii symbolize the beginning of some interesting space and experience waiting inside.The green (gonna be red during autumn season) sky along the stone path. Indescribable experience passing through the wood of bamboo trees. The calm it brought into your soul. Can be in this place whole day long. Trust me for this. :D .
Another torii.

Framing the nature, like capturing pictures through your camera. Just another classic specialty of Japanese architecture.
And finally, call someone to inform this magical experience. Come to Japan, experience the real Japan (Yokoso Japan!!) For real, do I get paid if I do this on purpose? Up next, around the Koto-in.

something (i thought) interesting

Interesting design of lamp. Not modern ones, for your note. So, so beautiful.Some zooming in. Into the beauty of light.

Ha, that is a composition.
Connecting indoor and outdoor, architecture and nature, the facade is the transition space/plane.
And enjoy the space. Awesome experience, for sure.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

another house, another revealence

Welcome to my crib, YO! Wait, wait, wait, this is not Mtv show, this is just me getting into a house in Nara.This is some views on the main hall. Located next to the garden, with tokonoma on one corner, and the peaceful atmosphere surrounding the room, this is a really nice time to enjoy some ocha and okashi. Oishii ne!

The last picture seems a bit odd, and though it is still acceptable, you can feel that something is just not right. Why? Because to enjoy a Japanese traditional interior, and appreciate it to the fullest, you should be sitting on your knee, and see the surrounding from that position. Well, this picture is not taken from that point. Hihihi, yes, just some (i hope) interesting information.

Peaceful, eh.

b a s u k i s a i d

lifelong learning through a lifelong spiky sandals therapy is good, my friends.