Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Katsura Imperial Villa> Textures

First entry on Katsura is the textures. The surface that shaping the beauty of this traditional architecture, and the surrounding. As there will be no beauty of architecture without the beauty of its surrounding. It's just mutual. Not more, not less, blend.

More on Katsura later on.

Kinkakuji, The Golden Temple

OK, I have to make a confession first, that I went to this Kinkakuji for the sake of being a "student/tourist" in Japan. Not much to see actually, aside from the bright in gold Kinkakuji. Interesting, well, yes.
Being exposed quite some time with the idea of a traditional architecture built next to a garden, coming to Kinkauji gave me a new understanding, seeing that the temple here was built next to a pond, create a clear reflection of the golden temple.

Well, got the "normal" pictures for this place, too bad I didn't quite manage to grasp what lies under the surface. OK, next destination, Katsura Imperial Villa, dubbed as the beacon of Japanese ness, in term of architecture. The number one. :D

Kyoto Imperial Palace

It's been quite some time since the last time I updated this blog, so this time, I'll try to come out with several entries, hopefully interesting enough to keep you people staring into the details, or not. :)
Well anyway, let's start. The first for today is the infamous Kyoto Imperial Palace. Not so far from Osaka, a quite well known tourist destination, and it has guides that will show you around, better yet, they can speak English! :)
The first two pictures were taken on the main building of this palace, a.k.a the palace itself, and the garden next to it. The rest, satisfy the urge on taking unique pictures, which not quite a success. Enjoy, anyway. :)

Details, details..

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